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Our engineering commitment

Our engineering commitment is to realize your innovation through reliable NPI procedure, experienced DFM process, specialized systematic manufacturing and flexible modular assembly expertise.

AUK aims to deliver Systematic Integration Engineering Service with almost 40 years of experience in the interconnect industry. We tailor dedicated solutions from initial concept, design, validation, manufacturing to quality assurance in order to meet your satisfaction in every stage.

Major services we offer to our customers include:

-Wide range of interconnect solutions

-Cable assembly

-Connector design & manufacturing

-Precision metal stamping & insert molding solutions

-Customized tooling

-Automated production and design

-Scenario application

Value Proposition 

Vertical integration enables AUK to deliver maximum values to our customers, including accelerating time to market, offering flexible manufacturing competence, bringing satisfaction to cost-saving proposals, controlling volume production quality, and keeping effective interconnect solutions by one-stop service partnership.

Core Competence 

  • Continuous input in R&D resources including human resource, process improvement, knowledge management and software/hardware is AUK's greatest commitment for providing customers with various innovative solutions.
    The advantage of R&D service we offer to customers include:
    • Rigorous new product development procedure to guarantee high quality product(Lead by highly experienced project & product engineers)
    • Integrate DFM (Design for Manufacturing) in product design stage to ensure high quality, efficiency and reliability
    • 3D printing for prototyping and solution exploration 
    • Mechanical modelling by Precise CAE application to accelerate Time to Market
    • Complete Lab capacity to provide powerful verification before volume production 
    • Experienced and knowledgeable engineers in interconnect industry


  • Precise tooling development and automated production are AUK strengths over decades of service. Based on the solid domain know-how, we bring customers engineering service with added value by following strength.
    • Various molding and stamping machine to meet different requirement
    • Self-development automated molding machine to ensure component quality
    • Fully automated production to enhance efficiency
    • Develop automated machine by AUK engineering team
    • In-house manufacturing for all parts of tooling and machine



  • AUK has passed various international quality certifications including ISO9001, ISO14001 and IATF16949 as well as countless awards from customers and government. We are committed to improving various inspection equipment and quality control methods to provide customers with high-quality products.
    • Highly dedicated team, focused in delivering high level of Quality Examination
    • Decades of Quality Management & Quality Assurance Certifications
    • Countless Tier1 Customer Audits with satisfactory results conducted annually maintaining Trust and Confidence to AUK
    • Continuous Improvement and investment on qualifying tools, processes and equipment in accordance to the industry standards

  • Backed by strong technical support, AUK provides a variety of customized products to meet the needs of different applications or innovations of each customer.
    The customized service we can tailor for you include:
    • Water-proof design
    • Anti-EMI design
    • Signal integrity
    • Thermal issue
    • Harsh environment application
    • Customized automated machine
    • Customized tooling


Interconnect Solution Expert, Advanced Manufacturing

AUK has maintained its position as one of the industry pioneers by constantly acquiring and mastering new technologies in manufacture, that allow greater benefits to our clients such as but not limited to POS System Solutions, 5G Telecommunications, IOT, Industry 4.0, Automotive Industry, Electric Vehicles, Battery Powered Electronics, Medical Related products and so forth.


We offer a wide range of interconnect solutions to customers including:

  • Various connectors from board level to sub-system level interconnection

  • Cable assembly

  • Molding and stamping component

  • Support different industry demands

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