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The service model of medicine has evolved dramatically with tremendous technologies involved including wireless & IoT technology, HIS Cloud deployment, AI-assisted diagnostics algorithm and so on, let alone the breakthrough in bioinformatics such as CRISPR. With the accelerated development of telemedicine or remote patient monitoring (RPM), not only the Quality of Care could enhanced greatly, the cost of delivering suitable medical management could be lowing down. From remote check-ups of patients with chronic diseases to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) emergency calling smart ward system, the collaboration of healthcare and ICT has brought limitless innovation to elevate patient care and healthcare services to benefit our livings.


For over decades, we have been collaborated with top medical solution companies to deliver customized connectors, cables and parts in a variety of applications: IVDs, nursing system, ventilators, rehabilitation devices, to name a few. AUK has advantages on building medical parts as our flexibility in customized product design and manufacturing, the reliability of stringent quality assurance system and the stability of material selection and purchasing. We are highly emphasis on the quality of production and the speed of new product launch to the markets. With the paradigm shift in healthcare, we are looking forward to contributing services to IoMT and advanced medical solutions and bringing healthy livings solutions together.

Our Interconnect Solution

AUK equips with standard and customized products widely used in medical fields. Starting from power supply, we provide customized battery connector or battery holder to meet different product design requests, and a wide mechanical/ electrical options of DC power jack and cable. Our established product lines at I/O connectors from RS232 to USB type C 3.2, allow designers to choose optimal products conveniently and with AUK's support. We also produce waterproof connectors, additional robust structure design and multi-ports configuration for all sort of scenario to support new product development. Last but not least, AUK has extensive experiences at total solutions of inner PCB connectivity, from WTB connectors and wire harness cable, FPC/FFC connector and cable to fine-pitch board to board connectors, our full product portfolio enables customers to select with time-saving, reliability and satisfaction.


  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

    From your smart watches, "Smart Pills" to patient monitoring devices, the new-booming medical devices could assist and allow physicians to monitor patient's vital sign alteration, make life-saving diagnosis or decisions with sufficient patient data "instantly". The growth of IoMT truly benefits all conditions of patients to improve the effectiveness & Level of Care. 
  • Diagnostic Imaging (e.g. Ultrasound, CT & MRI)

    Imaging Technology has transformed to the next product cycle in recent years: Portable Ultrasound has been well-utilized to improve Primary Care Physician (PCP) convenience for patient care, and to widely realize in Point-Of-Care vision around rural areas. We also engaged in AI-assisted diagnosis of CT & MRI imaging Screening to alleviate physicians burden and enable doctors to focus more on patient relationship. 
  • In Vitro Diagnostic Devices (e.g. Glucose Meter)

    In vitro diagnostics (IVDs) are tests that can detect disease, conditions and infections. One of the mostly used product is glucose meter which help diabetic patient monitor their glucose level, or set as one of the diagnostic criteria for the physician. Not to mention the Biochemical Lab Devices for a variety of biometrics analysis, they have been applied and provided critical information in our health-status check protocols.
  • Surgical Devices in Operation Room

    Innovative surgical devices and accessories are growing rapidly, especially certain expertise such as orthopaedics, vision and  cardiovascular interventions. These devices requires high precision manufacturing with zero-defect tolerance, from material selection to late-stage assembly. The main benefits of innovation in surgical devices includes shortening the operation time and improving post-op recovery satisfaction.
  • Telemedicine In Home Care Facility

    Telemedicine is the new standard of modern medical services, and has been deployed massively during the COVID period. Extensive technologies need to be integrated to build a telemedicine ecosystem with reliability, quality and convenience. With the continuous evolution of sensors, IoT & WiFi connectivity, not only Chronic Disease Management can benefit from it, the potential value in Emergency Management is also expected.
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

    Physical treatments like deep thermal therapy, cryotherapy, vibration technology plays a role in our daily living. Focused products such as Shockwave device, diathermy device, infared therapy device are growing rapidly due to growth of aging population. They manage chronic pain and assist rehabilitation program effectively with the stable output of power supply and electronics design.

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