Pin and Female Header: simple solutions yet critical to demanding board connectivity applications

The Headers has always been relied on connecting various boards and modules to the many devices that we have started using since computers and other related computing equipment began to dominate communication systems. All machines are interconnected, may it be for Data or Power delivering the essential digital or analog signal to enable it to execute protocols, programs, mechanical actions or even to simply turn it on. These headers are versatile enough to be used in most modules and boards, and will be continuously be used in the future.

AUK is a Pin / Female Header manufacturer and supplier founded in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, providing high-quality products, and as one of competitive Pin / Female Header suppliers worldwide as well as OEM ODM precision manufacturing services.

AUK has always been the Leading manufacturer in the Pin and Female headers industry all over Taiwan and China. Providing our support to leading companies developing new technologies and providing the latest technological innovations all over the world. In any combination, pitches, rows, widths, may it be a standard version or customized solution, we all have it available for you. There are just way too many options to list it down, so whatever your design and interconnectivity requirements are, it is guaranteed that we have an appropriate answer to your every needs.

  • Broad Pin Pitch range

    Pin Pitch ranging from 0.8~2.54mm with Pin counts from 1~40 circuits per row are available to make sure any combinations and configurations can be supported.
  • Optional Material Selection

    Different material offers specific characteristics intended to be used into various processing and applications. To support Design-in, we provide material solutions such as PBT or others thermoplastic has LCP, Nylon and others that are used in various applications.
  • Single/ Dual Row Configurations

    Headers are available in single and dual rows as per needed features either for Narrow dimensions, Number of contacts or even for stability purposes. Broad selection of Headers in our portfolio are prepared being the leading manufacturer in Asia and China.
  • Different Entry Options available

    From Top, to Bottom and Side entry these are the selections already available for your application. We are not limited to existing solutions as long that it can support our Customers requirements.
  • Various Electrical rating

    Wide range of electrical ratings, ranging from 1~3A with Voltage available from 300V and up to 1000V according to the pitches for any applications requiring versatility but practical board connector solution, the Headers surely provides effective interface.
  • Cost-Effective Selective Plating

    Cost-effective connectivity, selective Gold plating is implemented to give a practical approach to applications with non-critical applications. The thickness is specified accordingly to match the desired electrical, mechanical and environmental performance of the headers.


  • Personal computing device
  • 5G Networking & Data Center
  • Smart Home Environments
  • Consumer

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