IDC Socket/ Plug and Box/ Latch Headers: the efficient and robust solutions to board applicaton

Different to others cable, IDC Socket and IDC plug to assemble with flat cable via IDC manner, to save more labor and cost in this process by one time press only. The concept of box header and latch header come from pin header, but to add notch and latch by change the insulation to brings polarization function, further to prevent mis-mating.

AUK is a IDC Plug / Socket / Latch Header / Box Header manufacturer and supplier founded in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, providing high-quality products, and as one of competitive IDC Plug / Socket / Latch Header / Box Header suppliers worldwide as well as OEM ODM precision manufacturing services.

AUK has always been the Leading manufacturer in the board to board and wire board to board connector manufacturing, for 4 decades expreience build a broad series in product, to support the different application. Nevertheless, such standard customized idea and design is avaliable as well, please feel free to contact with us for further discussion

  • Various pitch options

    3 common pitches from 2.54mm, 2.0mm to 1.27mm of connector on PCB, customer can select easily to fit their wire to board application
  • IDC assembly

    Insulation-Displacement Contact for IDC socket and IDC plug to support a convenient assemble method with flat cable
    Different to Crimping or Soldering, IDC connectors can assemble with flat cable easily by hand tool in one time press.  No matter the direction or cable length can be customized according customer's demand
  • The bump polarization

    The bump configuration of IDC socket on plastic, to provide a fool-proof to prevent mis-mating 
  • IDC plug on PCB

    When a board to wire applicaton don't need to disassemble after installed, IDC plug flat cable become a good solution to solder the plug on PCB directly to provides space and cost savings compared to two-piece types.
  • Notch of box/ latch header

    The notch of box header and latch header to carter the bump on IDC, these features can be perfect fitting to ensure the accurate mating
  • Latch function

    Latch is a smart and simple configuration, to hook up the connector from cable side by sound "click" to completed the mating.  And latch has short type and long type to offer more option but still remain the function.


  • Personal computing device
  • Medical & Health
  • 5G Networking & Data Center
  • Smart Home Environments

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