TransFlash or MicroSD Card Connector: connecting memory cards in various solutions

Big memory storage capacity in small package are now offered in MicroSD card and is only accessible through MicroSD card connectors. Devices computing capabilities requires storing data or information, as well with Mobile phones or tablets and other devices. While users have options on what amount of storage capacity that will be included into the devices. This is where the MicroSD card connector plays a significant role, promoting cost-efficiency and practicality. Bringing the option to end-users in choosing the memory capacity they intend to use into their devices such as with Digital Camera’s, Wearables and all other modern gadgets.

AUK is a MicroSD Memory Card Connector manufacturer and supplier founded in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, providing high-quality products, and as one of competitive MicroSD Memory Card Connector suppliers worldwide as well as OEM ODM precision manufacturing services.

AUK offers from Short type MicroSD card connector under the TFCS series, that is also used as SDIO solution, where it needs plug and play style for easy memory access, Ultra-High speed data transfer available with 17Pins under the TFC-17WP series for applications that cannot wait for long time processing, mounted half-way PCB surfaces such as the Mid-mount type for Low-profile and really thin devices,  and options for different ejection types like the Push-Pull, Push-Push and with Hinged-Cover type. All of these features and options are available for Design-in, off-the-shelf categories and customized solutions that can fit seamlessly into your product innovations.

  • Wide Ranging Feature Selections

    The Push-Pull type of TFC series, while TFCS series the Short version type is used as SDIO, the Push-Push with either 8Pins of the TFC08WP version or the TFC17WP high speed capability, Hinged-Cover type under TFC-HC series for secured and vibration proof ability. While low profile dimensions such as TFCD-P series with Mid-mount solution is mounted half-way the PCB surface and is equipped with Push-Push type. 
  • High-speed interface version 

    17pins in two rows under the TFC-17WP series can deliver high Data transfer speeds from the card to host suitable for mobile devices due to its relatively small size. All of these faster interfaces are offered for SDHC, SDXC and SDUC memory cards.
  • Card Protection Detection Switch

    Card presence switches are functional and effective way of protecting the memory card, the Switch detects a properly placed card and completes the circuit enabling the processing of data and transferring information needed by the users.
  • Optional Customization capability

    OEM/ ODM solutions can deliver desired criteria and design such as with varying extraction forces, Solder Tails positioning, cost-effectiveness through selection of practical features and robustness for extended product lifetime usage.
  • ESD & EMI Protected

    Expertise in Stamping metal sheets, we provide shield plates that covers the Micro SD card connector, while Grounding tabs are integrated to be able to terminate to ground, providing total protection to the MicroSD card whenever it is inserted into the MicroSD card connector.
  • Engineering Know-how

    The MicroSD card connector series is the smallest memory card connector being offered in AUK, but can withstand up to 10,000 cycles maximum. These entails manufacturing capability from Mechanical concepts to understanding the different strength of materials to combine the different characteristics of materials.


  • 5G Networking & Data Center
  • Consumer
  • Automotive & Connected Mobility
  • Medical & Health

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