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The Point of Sale terminal is now a necessity to all businesses. Especially that Cashless Payment is already inevitable to our daily purchases. This is why POS devices are continuously upgraded in order to offer convenience and ease of use to all consumers. When shopping, paying services and most importantly prepare us to zero-contact payment scenario. 


AUK has been in forefront providing manufacturing total connector solutions along with the development of payment terminals development. As a pioneer in the EMV chip card connector and various I/O ports, AUK closely worked with global POS device manufacturers for decades. 
Because AUK offers its dedicated services with robust connectors that compliments the functions of the POS terminals. Specialized product features include but are not limited to secured EMV chip accessibility, value-added experiences in network connectivity and even for customized power source design.

Our Interconnect Solution

AUK provides connectivity solutions with resilience, in order for the terminal to function effectively every time it is in use. Such as when using Smart card connector numerous times for Credit card payment, various board connectors to connect internal modules either by board to board Fine Pitch connectors or board to wire with Housing, Wire, Terminal and Headers in its central processors.
As well with its various connectivity ports from high speed Internet connections using RJ45 modular jack, WI-FI or wireless access point through RF and Giga speed data transfer by USB Type C. 
Lastly but not the least is the Power source connections with the aid of converters via DC Jack connectors.


  • Mobile POS (mPOS)

    The Payment terminals are the focal point of any purchase transactions between the Merchant and Consumers. It is then vital that mPOS devices are robust enough to endure its repetitive use and exposure to environmental conditions during mobile.

  • Counter Top and Desktop

    Countertop and Desktop POS systems are popular payment type for most businesses because it is simple and easy to install inside every shop. It is equipped with card payment options, such as EMV chip and pin technology, contactless (tap) payments, and even near-field communications payments making it future-proof. This is why this set up is very well-suited to merchants retailers, restaurants and service-based businesses.
  • Pin Pad and Card Reader

    When dealing with Cashless payment processing using Debit or Credit cards, it is vital for a costumer to feel a sense of security and ease of transaction. Now, Safety is achieved by utilizing PIN security codes that we key-in on PIN pads every time we use our EMV card with the Card reader. Now, this enhanced zero-contact payment scheme is continuously improved to provide comfort and relief that every transaction is secured from any fraud or harmful dealings.

  • Vending Machines 

    Accessibility to consumables 24/7 doesn’t need to deal with high operational costs. Many items are now catered through Vending machines worldwide where people can easily satisfy their needs anytime of the day with cashless transactions. This promotes more sales to businesses attaining margins while providing reasonably priced products to consumers.
  • Multilane

    Highly demanding and fast phase retail environments requires robust payment solutions. Multilane system was designed to accommodate this by speeding up lane check out so customers will not waste valuable time waiting for their turn when paying for their purchases. While at the same time it promotes deeper consumer engagement for continuous brand loyalty.

  • Kiosks

    Self-service has empowered many people to maximize their spending power independently. Various services such as ordering Food or Products, Delivery services, Airline ticketing, Utility payment, Fast food lanes, Personal services and many more are turning to Kiosks supported businesses. This actually enhances individual purchasing ability that creates better condition for both merchants and customers realizing benefits from available options offered around us.

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