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5G is all around us, and over the past few months, 5G infrastructure has been steadily deployed and integrated into our society. This is a promising whole new era of connectivity. A lot of expectations are intensifying while the 5G New radio is promoted, as potential applications ranging from Industrial to Medical ingenuity are giving optimism to remote connectivity with the ability of real-time functionality that will surely bring new scopes of applications. While seeing simultaneous progress of 5G telecommunication and Servers or Data Centers, has eventually put visionaries and Technology leaders to come up with integrated solutions on how 5G, Network systems, Wireless or Wi-Fi technologies and the various Network hardware to work together in support to a faster speed, low latency, intelligent network management that will create a new world order in Communications technology.


AUK established solid expertise as we have been closely working with Top Technology companies delivering latest networking technologies into the world of Communications. With decades of Engineering know-how, we provide total solutions of Connectors and Cables dealing with the latest Wi-Fi standards according to IEEE standards, requiring performance that can match up-to-date Chipset performance and Frequencies reaching up to unlicensed spectrum of 6GHz. These are our capabilities that supports Data centers, Servers and Virtual Networks all around the world because it is our duty to support technological innovation with our utmost ability.

Our Interconnect Solution

AUK has a wide range of interconnect solution including connectors and cables with high speed and high power features to meet the requirement of telecommunication and enterprise switch. We offer I/O connectors and cages to support Ethernet and Fiber standards in SFP series for 10, 25, 40 and 100Gbps applied in network routing as well as providing heat sink design for thermal solution. Our RJ connectors are manufactured in various mechanisms according to different customized requirement and integrate electromechanical configuration in ICM type up to 10Gbps data rate to offer design flexibility. Following the next generation USB application, our Type C connectors are designed compliant to industry standard with various configurations and support 10Gbps data rate and 100W power for different application. For board level interconnect, we offer fine pitch BTB connectors with free stacking height for mezzanine that is reliable in high speed data transmission in accordance with PCIe and USB standard. As equipment becomes faster and demanding more power, we also offer power WTB connectors to deliver high current for PDU in limited allowable space.


  • 5G Small Cell

    5G is the next level of telecommunication system that will eventually replace 4G LTE, with a promising low latency and fast speed upload or downloading capabilities that can reach up to 10Gbps or 100x faster than its predecessor. Now, considering that 5G signal transmitted over mmWave has limited reach along with restrictions to 5G cell towers, it is envisioned to be propagated by macroinfrastructures such as Small cells. We will continue to see innovative solutions and hardware configurations of the Small cell products expected to be launch soon.

  • 5G uCPE

    uCPE or universal customer premises equipment will bring agility, flexibility and performance of the cloud to the network edge as it offers seamless transition of the network to 5G. These simply means that with the aid of Software-Defined WAN or SD-WAN, locations where Server networks are not physically placed, the uCPE can expand into virtual network overlays cost-effectively, launch services on time, deliver prompt internet, automation, connected equipment or vehicles in real-time scenarios without the need to spend great amount of CAPEX. This will greatly enhance the development of new technologies and services in the very near future, that can support innovations for better living conditions.

  • Enterprise WiFi AP/ Router

    Mobility is a sign of progress, from service sectors to enterprises, it indicates growth as we can simultaneously do tasks anywhere promoting efficacy and results. This system is only feasible if we are equipped with wireless technologies such as computer notebooks, smart phones and mobile computing devices that are connected to the network thru Wi-Fi Access Points (AP) or Routers in and out of our premises. While Wireless standard as per IEEE 802.11 continuously explore boundaries such as to the unlicensed bandwidth of the 6GHz Frequency spectrum which is now known as Wi-Fi6e, it intends to provide fresh 1,200 MHz bandwidth that will help reduce congestion specially in urban areas where dense networks are operating.
  • Switch

    Network switches are devices intended to optimized connectivity which usually is a pool of equipment working together in the same network area that it is operating, now it is very effective because it simply sends signals to dedicated devices that it is intended to connect to. These switches are intelligent form of hub that can be placed in different levels in the network such us between switches and network edge or with VoIP phone or access points (AP) that can also support them with power over Power over Ethernet (PoE) implementation. Various switch configurations are available that can suit different level of network systems from Smart Home using Unmanaged switches to Managed that is commonly used in simple Networks, Smart switches or Intelligent switches and up to Enterprise managed switches that are fully equipped to be customized and optimized.
  • Storage & Server

    Data Center storage and server could never be more important than ever. Cloud Computing has brought the evolutionary opportunity to all industries, and building the infrastructure with critical equipments like storages and servers should considered systematically. For different functionality and computing performance, an AI & Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) Server provides an ultra-low latency edge cloud platform that enables advanced computing capacity with 5G connectivity. Applications such as massive IoT network or autonomous driving require high performing capacity to possibly operate. Besides computing, the essential features like scalability, robust external structure and cooling system all takes into account of your cloud-based enterprise deployment.

  • OTT Set-top Box

    Set Top Boxes are devices intended to support Televisions to receive signals from various sources, which may come from over Ethernet in local network area, through Satellite systems reaching international signals, Coaxial as per normal Cable television, by Telephone lines as per Direct Service Line (DSL) provider or even from a typical Antenna receiver utilizing the Radio frequencies broadcasted from the local Television Network company. It is a very common device that is readily available in Homes or Companies, but are continuously upgraded due to the developing Communication systems that are available now and in the coming new form of broadcasting into the future.


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