Battery Connector BHC Series: unlimited potential in mobile technology power supply 

Mobile devices has dominated many applications especially in the field of Point of Sales, Telecommunications, Gaming technology, Wearables, Drones, Surveillance and even Space explorations. Whereas, to support its mobility batteries are utilized to support the power needed to keep the equipment operational. But as batteries tend to loss power and needs recharging, battery connectors are designed to support ease in exchanging it numerous of times. Thus it is must to have a resilient battery connector to continuously use the device even if the battery would be replaced due to its limited lifespan.

AUK is a Battery Connector / Battery Holder manufacturer and supplier founded in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, providing high-quality products, and as one of competitive Battery Connector / Battery Holder suppliers worldwide as well as OEM ODM precision manufacturing services.

AUK has extensive design experiences and decades of manufacturing background to support customized connector solutions. the battery connector being a non-standard connector, has been our specialization where we manage various configurations needed to fit the customers design. Though unlimited in design it still conform and must follow electrical standards for this will be used as a power connector delivering specific Voltage and Current into the device. Whatever the requirements and specifications, we can support any configurations that can let our customers achieve their design completion in order to deliver world-class products that can help to improve the device user’s lives.

  • Various Pitch options

    Different batteries are designed with specific electrical ratings, thus pin pitches can range from 1.1mm to 10mm or wider to follow the recommended creepage distance as per eletrical standard. These are carefully designed to ensure safety to during assembly and for end-users.
  • High Contact/ Retention Force

    The surface area between the Battery contacts and the Device Connector is a very important feature, as this affects how the energy is maximized during transfers. With BHC's high and consistent contact force, it retains the required surface area needed to reduce the Contact resistance to avoid Heating and eventually Power loss.
  • Resilient Spring Material

    The material used to for the contacts of the battery connector depends on the criteria’s integrated according to the design, structure and performance. To support the device requirements with practicality, the contacts are designed with high tensile strength proportionate to the number of usage which can range from hundreds to thousands of mating cycles and the Power to be transmitted.
  • Low Profile Solutions

    The BHC is an open connector design it can be designed according to Customers dimensions for its smallest possible size, meaning there is no standard specifications for Dimensions as long that it follows the allowed Creepage distances between contacts for the specified working Votage and the required contact surface area for the intended Current rating. Limitations will only be applied to the thickness of material as per its rated thermal indexes and in accordance to the material electrical and mechnical performance.
  • Unlimited Pin Contact Options

    With different appications and designs, the battery connector can be arranged to support any number of pin out. From 2~10 or more contacts can be arrange as per desired configuraitons. This will only require to incorporate the Voltage and Current rating it is intended to be used into to ensure that it will be able to deliver the power required to support the device without failure.
  • Full Customer requirement Solution

    As versatile as it can be, the battery connector can be customized to whatever specifications you may have. From dimensions, electrical specifications, mechanical structures or performance and other necessary configurations that can support the device as power source connector.


  • Consumer
  • Point of Sale Payment Terminals
  • 5G Networking & Data Center
  • Medical & Health

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