Micro SIM Card Connector: prevailing and a widely used SIM solution

The Micro SIM card connector has superseded its predecessors the Mini SIM card connector, and even though we have now a smaller Nano SIM card connector, this 3FF size is still considered a practical solution to many smart devices. The remaining border outside the Chip has enable the Micro SIM card to equip itself with the necessary keying pattern that still assures correct positioning into the device. With backward compatibility with earlier SIM card sizes by SIM adapters, it keeps older devices in operation until it last. While to adapt to Small-Form-Factor design, various adjustments are offered to make the Micro SIM card connector fit product designs.

AUK is a Micro SIM Card Connector manufacturer and supplier founded in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, providing high-quality products, and as one of competitive Micro SIM Card Connector suppliers worldwide as well as OEM ODM precision manufacturing services.

AUK offers various SIM card connector series, including the Micro SIM card Connector. With our comprehensive selection, we can support various dimensions adjustment critical to compact designs, as well Termination layout according to your designed preference, we can solve various customizations with our Stamping factory. Thus from the Micro SIM card Connector to the many Connector Solutions that you need, we offer our capability and our services to you, as this is our commitment to our Customers.

  • Low Profile Solution

    With height as low as 1.30mm, can be used into limited space devices. Compact designs are features now in smart technologies, and the Mirco SIM card connector such as our MCS series can deliver the right solutions to design in.
  • Various Ejection options

    The Friction type of the MCST series, the Push-Push type of the MCSP series and the Hinge style of the MCSV series are all available from AUK. All ejection type optionsare  accessible to support various mobile devices and smart mobile technologies.
  • Durable SIM card Connector

    SIM cards can be used to connect through 3G, 4G LTE or even 5G, and most of the time SIM cards are interchanged. Thus Micro SIM card connectors are designed to withstand up to 5000 mating cycles for both MCST and MCSP series and 3000 mating cycles for the MCSV series.
  • Card Presence Detection Switch

    The Card detection switch is a feature ensuring SIM cards are inserted correctly into the device. This helps to avoid damaging the SIM card which contains the information and other data needed to make a call or identify the user.
  • Robust Design for Manufacturing

    Mounting Posts and Tabs are added to align the SMT solder tails on to their proper positions, these features protect the soldered tails of the MicroSIM card connector from vibration or shock during operation. While high temperature material is chosen for the design of the plastic parts to support soldering processes.
  • Design Customization

    Height, Stand-off dimensions, Pin lay-out and termination arrangement, mounting Posts positions, Shielding coverage, Selective Gold plating thickness and other requests can be evaluated as a Customized feature to fit your Design-in requirements. 


  • Consumer
  • 5G Networking & Data Center
  • Smart Home Environments
  • Automotive & Connected Mobility

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