USB Connector Family: selection of widely used connectivity

The USB product series started from Type A connector and is implemented to a broad range of devices. As miniaturization is implemented to fit small-form-factor designs, this was achieved through Micro USB type B, but still having backward compatibility to the Type A USB 2.0 protocol. Now for the high speed data transfer applications, it is supported with the USB Type C, offering 10Gbps and can support up to 20Gbps.

AUK is a USB Connector manufacturer and supplier founded in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, providing high-quality products, and as one of competitive USB Connector suppliers worldwide as well as OEM ODM precision manufacturing services.

AUK offers multiple USB connector solutions, not limited by size, environmental conditions or even transmission speed. From Shielding to protect the signal from RFI or EMI, using High Temperature material to withstand Wave or Reflow Soldering processes, various mounting positions such as Upright or Mid-mount to fit into compact low profile devices, Gang types used as multiple port solution dealing with space saving. While for production processing, offered in Tape & Reel packaging. AUK supports innovation to designers and manufacturers with fundamental know-how of the USB connector.

  • Broad USB Connector portfolio

    Available in Type A, MicroUSB Type B, Type C with various configurations for any type of arrangement needed to fit into devices and different applications.
  • Low Profile Solutions

    Mid-mount type achieves the minimum PCB height profile while the Short type lowers the height for vertical mount option promoting Low-profile solutions.
  • Customization for Various Solutions 

    Upright mounting style fits into tight space, multiple Shell tabs supports numerous mating cycles and grounding for shielding, Mounting bracket supports miniaturized connectors and Shorten connector lengths. All of these re customized features accommodating total Customer solutions.
  • Ganged Type Multiport

    Populated interconnection are resolved through Stacked or Ganged connectors, it is where multiple connectors are put together and formed into one. This provides efficient use of footprint saving PCB space and enable more connector into the device.
  • Backward Compatibility to Standard

    USB 2.0 protocol has become a well-known connectivity solution, while the USB connector expanded from Type A to Micro USB type B and USB C (type C) and are still backward compatible to the USB 2.0, all of these AUK continuously support.
  • Harsh Environment Solutions

    Waterproof protection up to IPX7 rating are designed with features such as high perfomance material, seals and potting that gives protection against water and moisture from its surrounding. While additional tabs for grounding also supports the connector to withstand numerous mating cycles offering reliability and electrical continuity.


  • 5G Networking & Data Center
  • Personal computing device
  • Consumer
  • Smart Home Environments

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