Mini SIM card connector: extensive handling and various designs for your SIM application 

The Mini SIM card connector series was developed and promoted to a wide range of Mobile Telecommunication system being the first SIM card connector when mobile Phones were introduced. Various telecommunication system solutions accommodate the fast growing and changing mobile technologies, through years of development and progress. From the Mini SIM card down to the Nano SIM card connector, reducing entirely the size within the Chip boundaries, and can only be further miniaturized if the Chip itself is shrunk to smaller proportions. 

AUK is a Mini SIM Card Connector manufacturer and supplier founded in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, providing high-quality products, and as one of competitive Mini SIM Card Connector suppliers worldwide as well as OEM ODM precision manufacturing services.

AUK definitely has established a solid foundation in the Card Connector industry being a pioneer, the expertise upheld in the Smart card connector has delivered outstanding results when dealing with the SIM card connector designs. This can be seen through the different ejection types such as Push-Pull, Push-Push and Hinged cover types where its mechanism requires precision engineering know-how. While Robustness are displayed with the Block type enduring 20,000 cycles of use, and can only be achieved through highly technical engineering designs and strict testing qualifications that are performed in every SIM Card connector delivered by AUK to our Customers and partners worldwide.

  • 20,000 SIM Card Insertions 

    The Mini SIM card connector was made to last with 20,000 mating cycle especially to SCX, SCY and SCZ series, delivering durability and reliability as needed by many mobile phone users.
  • Broad Card Ejection Options

    Available in Push-Pull ejection card style for the SCP series, Push-Pull options for SCU,SCT/ SCT2 (Combo), Hinged-Cover type of the SCV series and Block type which is an open type and offered with SCX, SCY and SCZ series.
  • Practical Dual (Combo) SIM 

    To avoid frequent exchanging of SIM cards, the Combo SIM Card connector under the SCT2 series was made available for use into mobile devices, that can save time changing SIM cards every time and prevent mishandling the SIM cards. 
  • Card Protection Detection Switch

    Being sensitive to electric surge, the Mini SIM card connector series are equipped with Card detection Switch that can be in the left or right position and it will onlybe activated when a SIM card is properly placed under the Contacts and not during the insertion that can lead to short circuit and damage the chip.
  • Cost Effective Connector Solutions

    For practical application the Block type under the SCX, SCY, SCV series promotes Cost-effectiveness in applications where it needs to be economical, high performing and durable for the reliability that users are always looking for in a device.
  • Robustnes for Demanding Situations

    The SCP is a Push-Push type and SCV series with Hinged-Cover type are intended to be used for 5,000 card placement and SCX, SCY, SCZ series as Block Type can reach up to 20,000 cycles as the maximum capacity. Its contacts are selected to withstand high mechanical strain.


  • Consumer
  • 5G Networking & Data Center
  • Smart Home Environments
  • Automotive & Connected Mobility

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