Small Form Factor Pluggable Connectors: support up to 100Gbps data transmission

SFP family is a standard equipment I/O interface to be used both with optical and copper cables, and provides various flexible modules between various data rates and communication protocols. The SFP interconnect system consists of a 20 or 38-position hot swappable connector enclosed in a metal cage mounted to a host PCB. With the design, it can support Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Channel applications  in a low cost, compact and flexible format.

AUK is a SFP & QSFP Series manufacturer and supplier founded in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, providing high-quality products, and as one of competitive SFP & QSFP Series suppliers worldwide as well as OEM ODM precision manufacturing services.

AUK supports next generation speeds of standard SFP applications with a wide range of options for
increased port density or thermal / indication demands. Our broad SFP portfolio connectors can provide comprehensive and customizable solutions to address your I/O interconnects. Considering your system architecture, you can select demanding design from SFP, SFP+, QSFP+, SFP28 and QSFP28. All our SFP system connectors feature surface-mount technology and cages could be in both through-hole and press-fit configurations. AUK continues to work on new pluggable I/O compliant to SFP MSA to support market demand of rapid change. 

  • Various Speed Alternatives

    SFP+ is designed to support data transmission speed up to 10 Gbps and backward compatible with SFP. In the same way, SFP28 support transmissio speed up to to 25 Gbps and backward compataible with SFP+.
  • Quad-Channel Design for Space Saving

    QSFP+ supports 40Gbps data rates and QSFP28 supports 100Gbps date rates while both are backward compatible. 38-positions interface to upgrade 3x date rates provides a space saving alternative.
  • Multiple Cage Options

    Full metal shield is designed for grounding and advanced EMI reduction. Cages offered in single port, ganged and stacked configurations allow for design flexibility
  • Different Termination Selections

    Cages are available in press-fit and soldering versions for different considerations of PCB thickness and assembly process. For example, press-fit termination to eliminate soldering might lower the applied cost and avoid solder related issues.
  • Design for Different EMI Request

    Selective design of spring-fingers or elastomeric gaskets for EMI suppression is available. It enhances the design flexibility according to demanding cost and EMI suppression degree.
  • Value-Added Options

    Integrate riding lightpipes for port indicators and heat sink for thermal management. It provides desingers alternatives for visual verification of operability and the ability to dissipate heat.


  • 5G Networking & Data Center
  • Smart Home Environments
  • Consumer
  • Industry 4.0

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