HDMI Connector: digital displays in-demand video and audio connections

Digital Displays is an important feature of technologies today and promotes revolutionary visual and touch interface to many applications such as HMI (human machine interface). The HDMI connector provides both Audio and Video transmission together and is still the preferred high-definition multimedia interface connectivity solution. 

AUK is a HDMI Connector manufacturer and supplier founded in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, providing high-quality products, and as one of competitive HDMI Connector suppliers worldwide as well as OEM ODM precision manufacturing services.

AUK supports digital displays with HDMI connectors from standard Type A, Type C (MiniHDMI), or Type D (MicroHDMI), available in various designs such as Small-Form-Factor features to fit into compact devices, additional Flanges or Brackets for robustness in Harsh environments, available with reversed mating position to match customer preferences and are all prepared for Automatic production processing. All of these adjustments are real-life design requirements of leading device manufacturers to ensure that their leading edge products will be future-proof and bring long term service.

  • Low profile height solution

    9.00mm height Type A connector and 7.50mm Type D microHDMI connector, Straddle type configurations mounted along the PCB edge, or Mid-mount type lowering the connector height profile to its minimum are available.
  • Robustness in Harsh Environment

    Flanges and Brackets supports mating cycles and secures Panel mounting for demanding and delicate connectivity. Connector ruggedness in high definition signal are important features for Human & Machine interfaces (HMI) systems, requiring utmost performance from multimedia devices.
  • Optional Reverse Mating position 

    The HDMI connector is polarized requiring correct connector position to its mating pair. The reversed mating position is available to fit applications where it needs to be inversely oriented according to Customer preference. 
  • Cabling Solutions

    Digital Displays cabling systems are available with full shielding features or as per standard specifications. Molded Plugs or molded Jacks are also available with mating parts even with reverse mating position to match connector polarization. 
  • Automation Ready

    Available with Mylar or Cap for Automatic handling processes, also can be arranged into Tape & Reel packaging as per customer preference.
  • Various HDMI Connector Types

    Available in Type A, Type C or MiniHDMI and Type D or MicroHDMI, with various configurations to support design-in and customization. From Standard to OEM/ODM designs used in products requiring high definition audio and video transmission.


  • Smart Home Environments
  • 5G Networking & Data Center
  • Medical & Health
  • Consumer

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