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With the expansion of knowledge, we require automated computing devices to aid us with our limitations and now various technologies are already accessible in countless forms and figures. Such as with our Smart phones, Computers and Tablets that are already considered as Personal devices that are very handy and accessible to us every time we needed it. We are equipped with many smart devices, that helps us in our daily lives, from communicating with other people, learning from the vast information in the Internet, and even by simply enjoying its many forms of entertainment such as Videos and Audio contents. These devices, are now available in configurations that we can choose to be suitable to our needs and applications.


AUK delivers versatile connectivity solutions, that can support Personal devices, from its Interfaces, to Network system hardware, to supporting the latest Technologies that are used to promote better living conditions for us to gain benefits from. In AUK, we provide solutions intended to ease Design-In and Technology developments by working closely with engineers and technology leaders in order to deliver the latest innovations to the market as soon as possible. These are achieved by stringently conforming with target schedules aside from precise engineering capabilities needed for accomplishing the products successfully.

Our Interconnect Solution

AUK delivers faster, smaller and customized interconnect solution to fulfill PC products including I/O, internal connection, card reader and cable. We offer USB Type C connectors for different mechanical requirement by adjusting height or length to fit perfectly into tight spaces as well as providing alternative for high speed or water-proof application. Our DC jack is available from 0.6mm to 3.0mm of center pin OD supporting up to 10A current rating. We also offer BTB connectors with various options on pitch, stacking height and pin count to equip customers the ability of flexible design in different scenarios. For the combination of different modules in system assembly, we provide various FPC/FFC and WTB connector selections just based on customer’s consideration. As M.2 emerging for wireless related connection, AUK can offer various heights to fit different mechanical design. Furthermore, we can also provide corresponding copper cable assemblies to transmit data, power, video, audio and RF for customers one-stop shop purpose.


  • Notebook & PC

    Computers are our partners in achieving technological wonders, by simplifying tasks and taking care of repetitive computing workloads that we don’t have to shed effort to any longer, so that we can do more by focusing on what is relatively important. Both the Personal Computer (PC) and Notebook are very effective tools that have grown exponentially technology wise, where it has more computing power through advancement of the Chip technology, faster Communication systems through various interfaces, and Storage capabilities with various options available. Either being mobile as the Notebook with the ability to work elsewhere or the fix set up of the PC, both can provide satisfaction with enough computing power within our reach.
  • Tablet

    Tablets is the product of combining the best between the PC and the Mobile Phone, it offers a bigger Screen size that is usable to more applications, while being smaller than a PC and more portable and is fortified with more computing power that we can even use it for 3D modelling for Designers, work on Documents for office workers and even use it as HMI (human machine Interface) device in Industrial applications. The tablet will sure have a place in many applications especially when we want mobility and ease of use integrated to computing devices.

  • 5G Smart Phone

    Smart Phones are transitioning to the 5G technology, though the technology is not fully implemented, many of the mobile devices are getting ready for its beginning with promises of Upload and Download speeds reaching great heights of up to 10Gbps which is 10x faster than its predecessor, 4G. But due to the difference of technology, though it can be considered as an upgrade from 4G, the 5G format requires new devices and implementations totally different and will require vast amount of investments to be fully implemented. Now many technology leaders are working alongside Network Service provider, testing and making sure that the 5G can be implemented effectively, while 5G Smart phones are now being equipped with mmWave solutions and optimized Battery storage to maximized the benefits of the 5G enabled Smart Phone technology.

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