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Smart Home technologies offer security, comfort, convenience and energy efficiency through the use of connected appliances and networking devices. With the availability of smart technologies, every household can now control their living environment condition with mobile Phones or other smart devices. These includes but are not limited to Smart Televisions, Lighting, Thermostat, Door Locks, Security camera, Pet care and even Kitchen appliances giving also the homeowners the ability to turn off equipment remotely for situations such as electric surges or water failures.


AUK supports technology leaders in networking systems that enables Home devices and appliances to be connected reliably, this is to ensure real time informations are obtained and available anytime of the day. With close interaction to industry leaders, AUK's connector development are strictly controlled in accordance to Ethernet and Wireless IEEE standards, making sure of dependable network performance including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technology. AUK delivers professional solutions promoting top notch services to our customers.

Our Interconnect Solution

AUK has a long history of providing reliable connectivity solutions in network systems. This is important especially in Home automation solutions, like with HMI systems such as Smart Displays, it is critical to have high-definition video & audio transmission using HDMI connectors, while high-speed data transfer is achieved with Modular Jack (RJ45, RJ10 & RJ11) as used in Telecommunication or Ethernet systems, as well various plug & play I/O connectors like USB Type A, Micro USB Type B are utilized as OTG solutions or even using USB Type C for 10Gbps high speed signal transmission and of course to power up these devices, a DC Jack is used to connect reliably with a power source. For small AI supported devices such as virtual assistants via smart speakers, information are stored and kept secured in memory modules connected by DIMM, PCIe or simply with a MicroSD card connector, whereas Board to Board connectors helps to stack layers of PCB to fit inside these compact devices, while with the enhanced wireless technology, SIM Card connectors are used in 3G, 4G LTE and 5G New Radio (NR), and RF connectors such as MMCX, SMA and GSC (Micro) for antenna in Wi-Fi networking.


  •  Smart Speakers and Displays

    Smart speaker is a wireless, voice activated smart technology that uses AI virtual assistants to perform tasks as requested by the user. While a smart display also do the same thing but shows the results visually on a screen and speaker. Both technologies offers convenience to users needing information, without the use of hands or other peripherals giving the users freedom to do other tasks simultaneously.
  • Indoor/ Outdoor Wi-Fi Video Camera for pets & kids

    Smart cameras helps to oversee family members, especially kids, while they are playing or moving around whether inside or outside your home. While Pets can also be taken care of automated with connected feeders autonomously. By seeing what you care most of visually through Video cameras, it can provide the parents or pet owners relief especially when a person is not close or nearby.
  • Home Security Systems: Smart Locks & AI Security Doorbell

    Smart locks can detect residents, unlock the doors for them or users can grant/ deny access to visitors remotely by smartphones. While AI Security Doorbells detect motion, record video and are equipped with 2-way communication features that lets you talk to visitors outside the door. These technologies enables individuals to decide on how to accommodate people on their doorsteps effectively with the sense of security.
  • Smart Home Control and System Panel

    Smart home system panel allows you to control every aspect of your home as it can include your thermostat, lights, speakers, door/ window locks, security cameras, and others. These total system controller provides an easy to use HMI where you can manage home Security, Energy efficiency, Convenience and Comfort. With home automation it certainly can make a difference into our future homes, making it problem-free and environmentally friendly.
  • Smart Thermostat (temperature)

    Smart Thermostats allows homeowners to achieve efficiency by being able to set schedules, observe and control home temperatures remotely. These thermostats also learns users habits, that are recorded in its memory and routinely adjust settings to provide residents with maximum comfort and efficiency. These Smart devices can also give energy consumption level information or even inform users to do maintenance when necessary to conserve energy.
  • Smart Lighting (light/dim)

    Smart lighting is all about controlling the lighting, conserving energy, improving security and customized settings remotely through voice-controlled or smart technology. This actually creates welcoming atmosphere and energy-efficient smart-home or business environments. These smart lights are also managed with smart assistants, smart light bulbs can communicate with other smart devices in your network, such as appliances or entertainment systems.

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