Smart Card Connectors: EMV qualified and innovatively designed alongside modern payment industry

Cashless Payment systems has been around for decades, but only recently that EMV has been implemented to most part of the world and this means that in the very near future purchases and payment transactions will be online or will be in digital format. With this transition, Payment terminals are promoted into the limelight, more devices with EMV Chip accessibility will be used everywhere in the world. For reliable implementation, the Smart Card connector definitely needs to constantly perform with the expected dependability and security. This is where the EMV standard is implemented, where it makes sure all Smart card readers are at its top notch performance.

AUK is a Smart Card Connector manufacturer and supplier founded in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, providing high-quality products, and as one of competitive Smart Card Connector suppliers worldwide as well as OEM ODM precision manufacturing services.

AUK pioneered in the Smart Card Connector products, dedicating decades of Industry services to Global leaders and partners, working side by side, developing reliable products for the Payment industry. These includes innovating and pushing beyond limits, reaching design boundaries to be able to deliver World-class solutions that can help produce payment terminals with superb capabilities such as with 500,000 lifecycle extending the products lifetime, very low profile height for that compact Payment terminal, Shielding to protect the EMV chip from electrical discharges or ESD, and well-engineered handling mechanisms such as Landing Contacts or Landing Card solutions avoiding damage to the Chip. All of these features are carefully qualified and tested under the EMV level 1 standards, ensuring the quality of performance that is always expected from AUK.

  • Low profile height Solutions

    2.97mm of the SCH series, being the lowest profile height requires high standard of precision. While the SCG series have features that allows components with 1.2mm height can be placed beneath the Card connector, this provides additioanl space to the densely component filled PCBA of compact mobile terminals.
  • 500,000 Maximum Product Lifecycle

    The Smart card connector is designed to withstand up to 500,000 maximum mating cycles, and is the result of decades of know-how and engineering knowledge to create such a robust product by carefully selecting materials, technically designed, well-structured and that includes innovative solutions.
  • Durable Structures

    SCN series was designed with Metallic supports to further strengthen its sidewalls, this is to withstand every card Insertion force and those special Metallic cards that can damage its thin structures. This rugged supports can ensure the lifespan to last long enough to maximized the value of the device.
  • Optional ESD Chip Protection

    Available with ESD protection, having extended ESD Air Discharge of ±12KV & Contact Discharge to ±8KV and meticulously shielded products as total protection solution.
  • Sophisticated Contact Principle Options

    Implementing Landing card or Landing contact are available to SCG and SCN series, where either the card or the contacts are mechanically positioned to connect to the Chip’s surface. The Friction type is available to SCG series, while also SCF and SCH series are designed with Curved or ball shaped tip contacts to smoothen and ease the surface friction when sliding over the Chip.
  • EMV Level1 Qualified Hardware

    Smart card connectors are verified to conform to the mechanical and electrical protocol specifications of the EMV qualifications. This is important especially for the transfer of data between the Smart Card Chip and the Smart card connector reader.


  • 5G Networking & Data Center
  • Point of Sale Payment Terminals
  • Smart Home Environments
  • Automotive & Connected Mobility

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