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The 4th Industrial revolution is enabling us to live the future now. Where High Speed, Low Latency, Reliable communication, integration of Information technology (IT) and Operational technology (OT) with near-real-time connectivity allows instantaneous critical information to decision-makers. Thus, to achieve Smart manufacturing effectively, legacy Industrial machines and Internet of Things (IOT) must use robust connectivity solutions between Machines, Sensors, Robotics and the Network system.


Working closely with Global Leaders during different stages of Industrial Revolution, AUK's involvement in developing high speed hardware solutions with the latest Chip technology enables us grow along with today's Smart Manufacturing Era. While 4 decades of in-house manufacturing background dealing with Industrial Applications has equipped AUK with wide range of connector and cable solutions for demanding conditions in Factories, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) production, Surveillance systems, Industrial Gateways and various devices solutions.

Our Interconnect Solution

AUK delivers reliable connectivity solutions with robustness and ruggedness in mind especially dealing with complex systems relying on real-time distributed control and industrial network systems. 

This is achieved through Sensor connectors such as M5, M8, M12, M16 to M23 commonly used with Fieldbuses, D-sub connectors for point-to-point devices, Modular Jack (RJ45, RJ10 & RJ11) used in Telecommunication or Ethernet systems, Various I/O connectors like USB Type A, Micro USB Type B or Type C for 10Gbps high speed signal and DC Jack for Power input.Now, all information dealing with autonomous operations are stored in Memory storage modules like in SSD, DDR or DIMM assembled to PCIe, DDR Socket, SATA or simply with a MicroSD card connector. While with the enhanced wireless technology, SIM Card connectors used in 3G, 4G LTE and 5G New Radio (NR), while RF connectors such as MMCX, SMA and GSC (Micro) for antenna in Wi-Fi networking.


  • System Controllers, I/O links, Cellular and Wireless devices

    Ethernet and Wireless I/O are broadly used in IIoT to countless industrial applications, such as Factory or location surveillance, Industrial process control and are ideal solution for the wired or wireless transfer of digital or analog I/O signals. With the enhancement of communication systems there are several options available for your I/O communication in Process and Control technology.

  • Industrial PC, Gateway and Communication Systems

    Industrial Computers and Ethernet managed/unmanaged switches products are widely used in industrial automation applications such as in monitoring, motion control, data acquisition (DAQ) and automated testing. From these devices we gain benefits from the systems due to more gathered data are now available. Meaning that production floors have now access to sensor and other data that machines generate. This allows better decision-making for maintenance of machines and the continuity of manufacturing processes.
  • Video Surveillance, Monitoring and Detection

    Surveillance cameras, video recording, storage and management hardware combined with cutting-edge AI machine learning technology provides organizations with perception, awareness and foresight regarding their operations. While video diagnostics enables end-users to analyze, detect and activate alerts on situations caught on cameras in real time. Enhanced monitoring provides manufacturers the ability to actively see their factory floor, production run and quickly act upon on information to improve the response.
  • Edge Computing & Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) promotes increase productivity and profitability but requires access to significant computing resources to be effective for applications ranging from predictive maintenance, digitized production and other repetitive critical processes. RPA intends to help us from repetitive tasks and let us focus on more strategic endeavors.That is, all of these industrial operations happen in real-time, thus requiring low latency computing such as with Edge Computing.
  • HMI (Human & Machine Interface) Systems

    Industrial HMI comprises of Touch Panel PC's, industrial thin clients, Web terminals for smart factory applications and industrial monitors. All of these devices are driving big changes in the factory floor, providing visual indicators of machine’s issue, its severity and enhances productivity for the operator, eventually improving efficiency and decreases downtime.
  •  Railway & Roadway Network Solutions

    Railway & Roadway data communication requires Ethernet switches and wireless AP for reliable network system and as well to supply power for IP cameras and speakers. Wired and Wireless AP not only ensures seamless network connections to transmit data but also collects data from cameras, speakers and DVR in demanding environments. Thus these critical devices must have rugged anti-vibration connector products that could ensure reliable and continuous network communication.

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