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The massive new product innovation has brought our livings much more convenient, smarter and safer. Without doubt, the connectivity plays a crucial role in multi-devices operation and seamless user experiences. With the advanced technologies like 3D printing and virtual simulation, nowadays, the outcome of new product launch could be closer to customer's needs and the user experiences of the SW/HW integration truly elevate the values of the consumer purchases. In the the decades, we look forward to the boundless experiences between real and virtual worlds via AR, VR, MR and more.


From simplest interconnct to high-performance connectors, in consumer electronics, our focus is on cost-effective solution to benefit our customer's end products. The variation of applying or modifying connectors are common for the purpose of both funtions and cosmetics. We have been endeavered in consumer market since establishment, over thousands of different products co-design and meet the specialized testing requirements. We would continue to develop differentiated products to meet your connectivity requirement.

Our Interconnect Solution

At AUK, we focus on the the reliability of connection between and inside each product. Start with the power source, using USB Type-C Power Delivery System upto 100W, or traditional DC Power Jack set-up, our engineers are at the cutting edge of design for interconnect. To be part of the evolution, connectors like fine pitch board to board connector and FPC/FFC connector bring your consumer devices compact but still present at high funtionality. These internal connector including pin headers are hidden champions for your reliable connection. While IoT devices declare the expanding personal identity features which our SIM card connectors play role; meanwhile, connectors for outdoor or wearable products could be waterproof-added and rugged protection to meet your design requirements.


  • Augmented Reality (AR)

    With the advacement of our smart phone, AR technology lives with our daily activities. Whether you apply it to phone entertainment, objective measurement, or even business presentation. The integration of adding digital elements to a live view brings next-level experiences to consumers and enables innovation for the product designers.
  • Virtual Reality (VR)

    With the aid of virtual reality headsets, users are able to look around and interact with virtual features or items. The application of VR goes viral and beyods: entertainment, education including simulated medical surgery training, rehabilitation setting and business like virtual meetings. The extensive audio and visual feedback along with intuitive experiences drives the teconology development.
  • Drone

    It's more than videograph the sparkling moments during your honeymoon vacation from the high air. Nowadays, personal drone or business-based drone are widely used for advanced purpose. For personal use, a portable drone allows you to document a breathtaking scenery as you travel to new places. For business, drone-based photography may be a game-changer for your marketing campaign or a new way delivering messages to consumers.
  • Wearable AIoT Devices

    In today's World of Connectivity, Internet of Things devices have merged into our livings. When it comes to AI technology, it is a perfect fit with wearable IoT devices (to integrate AI algorithm with IoT infrastructure). The technological combination as AIoT devices serve consumers a data-driven, user-friendly and personalized experiences on using these devices. It's the precious piece of intersection for innovators to build our future landscape.

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