About Us

AUK specializes at Connector & Cable design with advanced manufacturing to outstand our interconnect solutions and bring joy to our worldwide customers.

We establish as a professional connector manufacturer at Taipei, Taiwan since 1983. Through decades, AUK emphasizes on production reliability and best customer service so as to accumulate thousands of successful product development cases with long-term discipline.

With the growth mindset and collaborative environment, at AUK, we envision leading R&D capacity & stringent production processes. We empower innovative thinking and critical problem solving in our everyday services; ultimately, maximizing values to our customers and societal impact as an AUK member.

Vision & Mission

Company Vision :

Creating the best future living for our customers, communities and vigorous employees.

Our Mission :

Embodying customer satisfaction spirit, AUK’s mission is to become our client’s most reliable and specialized connectivity partner by providing the most Suitable Interconnect Solution & Integrated Engineering Services.


To pursue our commitment, AUK treasures 5 Pillars to lead satisfaction continuously and present Value Proposition for Customers in today’s technology World –

Why Choose AUK as your interconnect solution partner?

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    Focus on Excellence

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    Growth Culture & Agility

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    Collaborative Problem Solving

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    Trust & Integrity

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    Business Sustainability

History & Milestones

4 Stages of Commitment to serve our worldwide customers at a competitive edge level

  • 1983~1994


  • 1995~2009


  • 2010~2015


  • 2016~2023+


  • Establishment


    Established Headquarter at New Taipei City since 1983: AUK is one of the pioneer of Professional Connector Manufacturer with track-records of manufacturing all kinds of signal and power connectors with the development of electronics.
  • Perfection


    Expanding our production sites to The Greater China region: Investing in automation production department, vertical integration of manufacturing, and quality assurance to construct perfect engineering capability for customers. We have set the company's commitment to become world's leading Total Interconnect Solution Expert & domain expertise at Connectivity Industry.
  • Globalization


    AUK has expanded to global high-tech industries and treasured all global customers with the commitment on Long-term Business Partnership. With the competitive R&D capacity, we have elevated ourselves as a Solution Provider with integrity, reliability and global network. We focus on delivering every ODM/ OEM projects' success worldwide.
  • Sustainability


    Sustainability is our commitment to our customers and society. Continuously providing differentiated values & customer-centre services is our growth mission. Since 2016, we have implemented ESG projects, consistently acquired advanced technologies and delivered customer's successes at Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Data Center markets and so forth.

What’s Next?

Commitment on diversity :
Differentiated Core Services for smarter living and cutting-edge technology -

  • Global Network Services and partnership
  • Create unique value proposition for customers
  • Empower Employee growth experiences and enrichment
  • Resilience on Manufacturing Supply and Management
  • Deliver impact on societal prosperity

AUK Culture and what we value

Letter from Leadership

The work-life philosophy is to embody and elevate our capability in everyday's wisdom, execution & harmony.

We cherish our professionalism, collaboration, innovation and social responsibility. Most important of all, we value the most our teams, customers and partnership.
We are always on top of your needs.
— AUK Philosophy

Core Values

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    At AUK, we believe integrity of our people and with our customers is the first priority in business success. From personal development to cross-functional outcome, our people share the value of seamless communication, team success and customer support.

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    In this rapid changing era, we embrace the Learning Culture to maintain sustainable competitive advantages. Leadership stands a pivotal role to our innovation success, execution and acheiving organizational goals.

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    Teamwork Creativity

    With the aid of AI & computing, we are able to focus on challenging and creative projects to bring customer's success in every aspect. This requires our people to treasure the significance of teamwork and embrace positive innovation in today's business. 

Empower Talents: create successful stories together

Company Structure

Social Responsibility


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


AUK believes that the company values have included positive societal impact. Since Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has published by UN in 2015, AUK has long followed the 17 goals that we face in the human living. We target 5 domains to focus our impact on to maximize changes at 2030.

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)


At AUK, we embody ESG Principle by continuous Commitment to Environmental Protection and responsibility. Honored by Government including “Introduction of the “Injection Molding waste gas centralized processing system”, “Workshop Noise Optimization program” and Invented the “Rain and Sewage diversion pipeline” in recent years.



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