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Make Impact & Unleash Potentials

At AUK, open-minded communication environment & collaborative culture within the office is the company's treasure.

Our extraordinary people who are passion at bringing professional & innovative solutions to customers, are all shaping unique company's inclusive culture & the intangible foundation of Seamless Collaboration. 





Why AUK?

We develop innovative & reliable Interconnect Solutions for close to 40 years, and aim at pursuing continuous innovation and greatest impact in Global High-Tech Industries. AUK has been continuously expanding through years.

We're looking for talents who value teamwork, agility, and passion; those who bring creative ideas to solve challenging problems and together expand their career achievements.

 Inside AUK

A Company with Unique & Diverse DNA

  • Growth Mindset & Lifelong Learning

    We embrace the learning environment for lifelong learners leaping to the next professional level, sharpen their skillsets, and develop professionally and personally.

    At AUK, we care about our employee growth and the philosophy they bring to today's business challenges.
  • Inclusion, Diversity & Equality

    We believe our core competence is building upon collaboration of all our people. ID&E represents a critical part of our culture.

    We highly emaphsis on integrity, mutual communication, and compassion. Sharing the inclusive culture allows all of us to be a creative thinker, to act big and dream bigger.
  • Born with Impact DNA, Embrace Challenges

    Our vision of a great company is - Creating the best future living for our customers, communities and vigorous employees. We encourage every member at AUK to embrace new challenges, take bold steps and actions, and to communicate seamlessly with the agile teamwork culture.

    To create boundless impact and share the joys along the journey is our work-life DNA. 

How We Hire?

Here’s how to get started on your career at AUK.
To learn more about hiring process, contact directly with our HR team via email. (hr@auk.com.tw)

  • 1 - Submit your resume via 104 or LinkedIn

    Applying is simple when you submit your resume through our Recruiting Platforms. There're advantages to make clear on your skills, experiences and achievements. Most importantly, let us know how unique your are and get yourself noticed!
  • 2 - Let’s connect

    It's time to get to know more about you on phone or short chats. Our recruiters would get in touch with you within days after internal screening & resume reviews. Make sure to let us know "why you want to apply" at this stage.
  • 3 - Virtual or On-site Interviews

    All you need to prepare at our interview is a "true you". While we would go through different skillset questions depending on roles,
    Cultural-check is a big part of this stage: sharing your life stories, challenges overcome and what matters most to you.
  • 4 - Receive your offer

    Congratulation and welcome on-boarding!
    After several sessions of interviews, our recruiting team would examine all materials and reply the result as soon as possible. Take close notice to your mailbox, your Offer Letter has arrived!

Search Job Openings on Platforms 

We are now opening several positions for talents from various industries. Apply directly through e-mail, recruting platforms, or by your personal LinkedIn Account. For any questions, please contact us at: hr@auk.com.tw


  • 104 Recruiting Platform

    Successful careers require actions and efforts to pursue. We believe chances favor the prepared mind. Look up on 104 for more job opening details and requirements.
  • LinkedIn Recruiting Platform

    If you like to know more about our Company and job vacancy information, get in touch with us on LinkedIn. We look forward to your following and submission.

Interests in any openings?

Our HR Specialists will connect with you soon.


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