FPC/FFC Connector: flat and flexible, a perfect fit to every application

From High-speed Data transmission to Automotive solutions, the Flexible Flat Cable and Connector can definitely provide seamless solution to you interconnect requirements. Not only that it is slim, its performance can support high data speed transfers even in a vehicle's extreme environment. This is one rugged product that is versatile enough to deliver low profile structures in highly aesthetic related designs of the automotive and as well to the mobile device industry. Especially now that HMI’s are very in demand and have changed the way we interact with machines, making touch screen solutions the trend of the future.

AUK is a FPC / FFC Connector manufacturer and supplier founded in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, providing high-quality products, and as one of competitive FPC / FFC Connector suppliers worldwide as well as OEM ODM precision manufacturing services.

AUK provide Flexible Flat cable and its connector options in variety of ways, and even offers pre-folded flat cables and made to order selective plating aside from its thin structures suitable to most compact, thin devices and designs with very limited space. With FPC equipped with Front Flip and Back Flip cable interface, it unquestionably made terminating Flexible Flat cables very easy, while the ZIF and Non-Zif types are also available to be used. Various conductor pitches from 2.54mm of the FPC series to the narrow 0.3mm of the FPT series are options to choose from with corresponding height of 1.0mm for such fine pitch, These solutions are made to fit to your applications, with our broad solution already made, we can certainly support your Flexible Flat cable designs requirements.

  • Fine Pin Pitch Options

    0.3mm pitch provides space saving features and compact solution to various devices and applications. Offered Pin count of up to 71 contacts and more that can surely support protocols and systems transferring data and information.
  • Low Profile Height Solution

    The FFC only have 1.0mm height making it an ultra-low-profile solution that can fit in thin enclosure structures such as in mobile and automotive applications. Efficient and functional especially for processing numerous connections in very tight spaces.
  • Easy Cable Assembly

    Front Flip or Back flip type style promotes accessibility and easy handling of the FFC cable, supporting reliable connectivity that will make sure continuous signal transmission between systems and modules. Other options are available in ZIF and Non-Zif options as per desired specifications.
  • Preferred Contact Positions

    Upper, Bottom or Dual contact positions are provided as per your desired configurations. These designs provides flexibility to different situations needed to support interconnection in compact systems.
  • Optimized FFC/ FPC solution

    The FPC series for connector and FFC series for cable are available in various options and specification providing a broad selection for your use and ease of design, especially FFC with high durability in 1M times bending, to fit the applicaton with constant movement. 
  • Cable Assembly Automation ready

    Different to others cable assembly process as crimping or soldering, the automation of FFC to assemble PET insulation film between the wire conductor, then automatic equipment will cutting the length as customized finally, to saving the time and lobor cost.


  • 5G Networking & Data Center
  • Personal computing device
  • Industry 4.0
  • Consumer

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