DC Jack: reliable & robust power connector even when in miniaturized design 

Electricity has been transferred into devices through different connectors, but DC Jack connectors remains an ideal power connector. The DC Jack are legacy connectors, miniaturized due to the Small-Form-Factor requirements of smart devices. Even with smaller size, it still required to deliver high electrical power to devices because of the various applications now integrated to smart devices that consumes more power.

AUK is a DC Jack / Power Jack Connector manufacturer and supplier founded in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, providing high-quality products, and as one of competitive DC Jack / Power Jack Connector suppliers worldwide as well as OEM ODM precision manufacturing services.

Through the years, AUK did not give up on developing the DC Jack Connector, now with its Small-Form-Factor designs, by either very low height dimensions or with Mid-mount type being mounted halfway through the PCB surface, it surely promotes compactness as requested by Customers. While high current rating can reach up to 10A to provide sufficient forward current to semiconductor components to turn it on or up to 50V to other parts of the equipment to operate,.

  • High Electrical Ratings

    DC connector transmits Current and Voltage even with dimensions that are very small in size. With the fork terminal design, we can support up to 10A current rating or with 50V voltage source.
  • Low profile height solutions

    0.9mm Mid-mount height, half way mounted on PCB surface, or by adjusting its internal connector structures optimizing design with Left or Right position for very Low Profile dimensions.
  • Shield Options for Quality

    Power quality are essential for the system to operate and importantly is not to encounter system Heating and Power losses. Shielding helps to prevent these unwanted noises and is achieved by adding Metal Shells or Plate covers on the DC Jack connector body.
  • Robust Mating Solution

    DC Jack connector are mated through Snap or Quick mating style but for demanding applications where Vibration, Shock and other environmental situation can affect the stability of the mated connectors, The Threaded DC Jack connector securely fastens these mated connectors, this helps to protect the device from electrical damage and component breakdown associated when electricity is disconnected instantly.
  • Wide Pin/ Contact Selection

    The Pin’s Outer Diameter (OD) is responsible in accommodating the Current that it allows to pass through without safety issues. Available items ranges from OD0.6mm~OD3.0mm of Male Pin, while up to ID5.0mm (ID=Inner Diameter) for Female Pins supporting Current of up to 10A while its also available for up to 50V voltage source application.
  • IPX7 Rating Waterproof Protection

    Waterproof rated DC Jack connector provides necessary protection by utilizing rubber seals and potting against water ingress or exposure to moisture that are critical safety factors when handling electrical power, this is in order to provide continuous power to devices as needed.


  • 5G Networking & Data Center
  • Personal computing device
  • Smart Home Environments
  • Industry 4.0

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