Terminal block: to fit wire to wire, board to board/ to wire power delivery applications

Different to others connetors, terminal block is more specific to use in power delivery, so the current resistance is higher than others generally. Terminal block is broad in application as well, the standard type to solder on PCB to combine with wire directly, and also with board to board/ to wire for power delivery application

AUK is a Terminal Block manufacturer and supplier founded in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, providing high-quality products, and as one of competitive Terminal Block suppliers worldwide as well as OEM ODM precision manufacturing services.

AUK provide you the various selection of Terminal block, no matter the pitches or height or length, many series and types to reach your demand.  Nevertheless, customized idea and design is avaliable as well, with 4 decades of manufacturing in connectors, our experience will support your design and requirement, please feel free to contact with us and let's find out the solution together, it will be your most correct decision than ever.

  • Various terminal block series

    Different Series to satisfied with broad application, PCB screw, Plugable, PCB Spring, MCS, Splice, and Barrier, and features of each type to reach your demand
  • Wide range of pitches

    The smallest pitch begin from 2.54mm because the power delivery application, and current resistance become higher when pitch larger, different pitches in series according to customer selection
  • Support wire to board/ to wire

    Except the standard Screw type on PCB, Plugable type support wire to board, and MCS support wire to wire, to reach customer's expectation.
  • Multiple Mounting direction

    Different pitches and height option for Vertical and Right angle mounting direction.  Besides, the angle in 45∘ to offer one more direction when installed
  • Latch and screw locking system

    A stable connection for wire to board application by locking system via latch and screw.  The extre mounting ear plastic to support a screw lock when mate with another, latches to hook up the mating side to assemble in steadily
  • Key code and rib feature

    Most of Terminal block has polarization design, no matter it's a rib or coding, both in order to prevent mis-mating when installed


  • Industry 4.0
  • 5G Networking & Data Center
  • Smart Home Environments
  • Automotive & Connected Mobility

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